What Are You Ashamed Of? (Day 31 Romans 1:16)

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believesRomans 1:16 NET

What are you ashamed of?  Certainly we all have things in our lives that we are ashamed of.  Perhaps it is the way you acted years ago toward another.  It could be some kind of foul language that gripped your tongue on a single occasion or maybe you battle it daily.  Some are ashamed of their lustful thoughts that race through their minds.  Still others find a great deal of shame in their inability to suppress their ever growing desire and greed that stir deep within.  Is it an addiction, illness, failed relationship, or internal struggle that you are ashamed of?  Whatever it is, you are not alone.  Everyone is ashamed of something even if their shame has not surfaced to the place where you can see it. Paul was no different. Certainly there would have been things in his life that he was ashamed of as well.  His early persecution of the church perhaps, or giving approval at the death of Steven, the first martyr, may have been a source of shame for Paul.  Regardless he proclaims boldly I am not ashamed of the gospel!  If there is anything in our lives that possesses absolutely no shame it should be the gospel.  Not only is it God’s power for salvation as Paul proclaims, it truly is good news for those who believe and those who don’t.  Like Paul, we should live our faith out daily without any shame, we are followers of Christ and there is no shame in such a life.  There is no reason at all to be ashamed of the gospel, if you can think of one I would love to hear it. I pray that you live your faith out this very day and that the power of God would work through you as you unashamedly proclaim the gospel of Christ.


About Pastor Pete

Pete is the senior Pastor of Cowboy Fellowship in Pleasanton Texas. He is also the author of The Absolute Basics of Christianity, The Living Lamp, and a co-author of The Modern Day Disciple Bible Study series.
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One Response to What Are You Ashamed Of? (Day 31 Romans 1:16)

  1. Royce Hart says:

    Hi Pastor. Whenever I read “I am not ashamed of the gospel!”, I can’t help but think it’s mostly about getting up and preaching. I try to keep in mind that living well preaches better than anything I can say. I guess part of the reason why I hesitate to talk about Jesus is the reaction I get. The word “preachy” comes to mind.

    I visited with a friend of mine recently; I’ve known this guy for 25 years, and he’s a recent convert. He has been active in Bible studies for about the past six months and always asks questions about God. Anyway, before I even had a chance to ask him how he was doing, he said he didn’t want our visit to “turn into some big religious conversation.” Go figure.

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