Sleeping on the job…(Day Eleven Mark 14:37)

 Then he came and found them sleeping, and said to Peter, “Simon, are you sleeping? Couldn’t you stay awake for one hour? (Mark 14:37 NET)

Have you ever fallen asleep on the job?  Personally I can remember many times when I wanted to, but I never gave into the temptation.  However, I did catch another employee sleeping one time when I was a supervisor.  Personally I felt very disrespected and upset at this particular individual.  I can’t imagine what must have been going through the mind of Christ when He found his most trusted friends napping while he labored so intensely in prayer.  I sympathize with the disciples some, after all they had just finished a nice meal, and the long days of ministry that proceeded this event would have certainly taken a toll on the body.  But to fall asleep three times when all Jesus asked them to do was keep watch seems very disrespectful. While we are quick to be critical of the disciples I wonder if we have done any better?  Personally I don’t think I have.  I have been asleep countless times even when my eyes were wide open.  There are untold numbers of ministry opportunities that I have missed over the years simply because I was too busy, tired, or concerned with other things than doing the one simple task Christ commanded.  The disciples were literally asleep, but many of us today (including myself) are spiritually asleep far too often while Jesus is hard at work.  I pray that we might do a better job when it comes to being the hands and feet of Christ by remaining alert to any and all opportunities that we are given to serve. Stay awake today!


About Pastor Pete

Pete is the senior Pastor of Cowboy Fellowship in Pleasanton Texas. He is also the author of The Absolute Basics of Christianity, The Living Lamp, and a co-author of The Modern Day Disciple Bible Study series.
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2 Responses to Sleeping on the job…(Day Eleven Mark 14:37)

  1. evaasbury says:

    This is so true, even myself I have been guilty of this.

  2. Royce Hart says:

    I think the idea of ‘leisure time’ has been grossly exaggerated in the past 30 years or more. Words like “stress” and “burnout” are so commonplace now that folks treat them like everyday conditions to be diagnosed and treated (either with a doctor or some other ‘therapy’ – like a vacation). On the contrary, I think God designed us to do far more than we think we’re capable of… and in doing those tasks He gives us, we’re energized and far better rested than if we didn’t follow through and do them.

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